Together, Extraordinary

Will you rise to the challenge by becoming a donor today?

You know the uniqueness of the learning experience at Royal Roads University. People the world over choose this university because they see how learning to be more effective in their communities can powerfully transform the world.

The road to completing a university education is never easy. But some people can’t take that first step because of financial barriers. You can help make someone’s journey at Royal Roads be the life-changing, world-expanding, change-making experience it should be.

Your donation will empower students facing multiple barriers by providing much-needed financial support in two key areas:

  • Royal Roads’ Entrance Awards and Bursaries provide much-needed financial aid to new students who share Royal Roads values by demonstrating academic excellence, dedication to their community, or overcoming exceptional challenges. This funding often makes all the difference between learners being able to study at Royal Roads or never realizing their educational goal.
  • The “Life Happens” fund provides financial support to students when unforeseen challenges arise – like laptop repairs, broken glasses, or a costly prescription. This fund was created by an alum like you to offer help and encouragement when a student is facing hardship that impacts their studies.

Please consider making your gift today.